A little background on ROKOR

ROKOR, located in Livermore  CA, was founded in 2009 to provide personal and custom mechanical design  services to a varied clientele. ROKOR can meet your needs by email and  phone, and can provide on-site services locally as needed. 

ROKOR has provided services to following companies:


Cool Earth Solar, Livermore CA
Theravant, Livermore CA
RH USA, Inc., Livermore CA
Dolby Laboratories, San Franscisco CA
Semicore, Livermore CA
Labsmith, Livermore CA
MaxOut Renewables, Livermore CA

Clarity Medical Systems, Pleasanton, CA 

Diablo Cable, Pleasanton, CA 

Intellectual Light, Pleasanton, CA 

Faultline Plumbing, Livermore, CA